Congratulations! You have bagged a video interview for yourself. So how are you preparing for this opportunity to show case yourself? Need tips??

Remember interview is the only chance to demonstrate your worth, capability and also get to know your future colleague if things progress positively. It is the only chance to establish you and your personal brand effectively. So, don’t falter here.

Here are few tips to keep in mind before attending an online interview:

1. Being Punctual:

Set yourself to the schedule.Be at your virtual meeting room at least 3- 4 mins ahead for the schedule. This will give time for your to adjust your cam, your lighting, your headset, your presentation ready etc.

2. Tech Prep up:

The recruiter would have already shared an interview invite detailing the links to be used to enter the meeting.

Most of us have skype or WebEx installed. However, different organizations use different tools / platforms to conduct online meetings / interviews. So, if the software thus used for your interview is not on your laptop or phone, please install the plugin atleast 45 mins prior to the schedule and attempt just run the software.

Agreed you may not be able to login, but atleast you would get to know if there is any technical snags. Any tech snags can be intimated to your Recruiter and this also gives them time to work around alternates.

3. Laptop or Phone:

A question I keep getting from candidates is if they can take the call on phone? Agreed, we have smart phones available which are easy and handy to use, I would recommend that as a candidate, use a laptop especially if you are on a video call. I have experienced that Laptop and associated camera gives better quality to your communication. Laptop makes the conversation more formal as well.

Ensure that you are at a location where the internet connectivity is strong and there are fewer chances of signal breaks. The location you choose to take the call is quiet, this helps you to concentrate on your conversation with the interviewer and for them to hear you clearly.

The microphone and webcam should be of good quality. Ensure that the same has been tested and confirmed by you ahead of the schedule. Use headphones with mic if possible to cut the noise.

4. Dress up to Prep up:

The way we think and feel is how we act and hence we dress accordingly. So when you have a video interview schedule, ensure you are dressed up to the occasion. Head to toe. This is about creating that confidence, being in the confident mindset and being serious about what you are doing, not only internally but externally as well.

Men and women, I would recommend formals for the occasion. Neat and well ironed attire score better in the eyes of the viewer. It avoids the distractions caused by stylized shirts, tops, tacky printed Tees.

Dressing up is also a means to show mutual respect to the audience.

So, Dress up and play your part to the best!!

5. Prepare your script:

Here, I advise my candidates to be prepared about any presentations they may have to share on call, any token of completion of any tasks or assignment. Make points on what you are going to say about your work, experience, expertise etc. Prepare your points on your success and also on your failure.

Gathering thought during interviews has to be fast, a prep up of the most obvious and not so obvious questions from the interviewer will help you big time. This also helps you to avoid fillers like “eh, ok, so I mean, ahh…etc” which is very natural during the process of thinking aloud.

6. Body Language:

While only a portion of your body, (a quarter of upper body) is usually visible during the video interview, take care that your body language is appropriate and not distracting you or the interviewer.

Be aware of constantly rotating the chair while on video call, sit steady yet be comfortable. Curb the need to constantly fidget with your hands move, avoid drumming with pen, doodling on paper when on call, or just twitching your hands.

Use your hands for positive communication and express openness to ideas, thoughts.

7. Conversations, Voice & Expressions:

This is a conversation that requires equal participation from the interview & the interviewer. Make it a point that you talk to the point; avoid long conversations that make the interview one sided and boring. Your conversations and answers should peak interest in the interviewer to know more about your as a professional and a person. Along with conversation a must have skill is being a good listener. Be an active and interested listener as well.

Mind your voice and tone of voice while on video call. It should not be too monotonous. Your speech has to be clear. Many a times the interviewer could be from another country and hence it is advised that your rate of speech is not too fast. Owing to network speed as well, your speech may not reach the interviewer completely and if you are too fast, interpretation of your conversation may also be different. So speak slightly slow with words being clear than how you would normally do.

8. Grooming:

Video interview calls for having a properly groomed face, be it men or women.

Women: Attempt to have hair away from your face, so you can avoid using hands to sort / arrange them multiple times during conversation. A well-kept hair  will avoid unnecessary distraction for you and the viewer while you would be in deep conversation.

It will be good to wear some makeup, so that your face looks fresh and bright and you feel confident. Avoid loud makeup as that can sometimes be a distraction to the onlooker unless you are auditioning for a role that requires the kind of makeup.

Mild accessories: Use smart accessories / pieces of jewelry that are not too huge or dangling yet makes you feel confident and look smart & beautiful.

Treat your hands to a good manicure and polished nails.

Men: Attempt to have a well cut and arranged hair. If you have long hair, manage them in a style such that your face is clear of your mane. Avoid distractions due to them while in conversation.

While many employers are open to have employees with distinct personal styles, the above recommendation is for your benefit to avoid any break points in your thinking or discussion owing to unruly hair.

Have a clean-shaven face or if you maintain moustache or beard, trim them, give them their due credit and keep them clean and smart.

If you have very loud accessories like piercings, for the duration of the call remove them or replace them with small smart ones that don’t draw the attention of the interviewer, rather than staying on from what you are saying.

Nails should be trimmed and hands should look clean.

9.Smile and Talk:

Having a smile when you converse, not only spreads positivity, but also give you confidence.

A smile calms your mind and also encourages the other person to reciprocate in similar fashion. It breaks the ice easily and paves way for small talks that relaxes the mood of the interviewee and interviewer.

A calm mind helps you to take your time and respond carefully to the questions.

Feel free to share your tips on online interview preparation. If you found the above tips useful do like and share them within your network so someone can take advantage of the same.

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