Employed – 8 things that will improve your career.

8 tips to fortify your career growth in uncertain times….. Life likes to make us sweat with challenges, but don’t sweat it, take them on with grace! Navigate through them like a pro, and move on to the next like the boss you are. Don’t chicken out by passing them on to someone else or […]

Colors and the “Temperament Rose”

We came across this spectacular work “The Temperament Rose” by Goethe and Schiller done around 1798/9. Read more to know about Colour and human temperaments..

Job Search & Mind games

A friend lost her job. She was very anxious and called me. I had a very long conversation with her, just to realise that this is not the story of one individual, I am sure many of them searching for jobs in current market are going through the same. The supply demand balance seems to […]

Are you free?

The Image Ally intends to be your ally in your success. The podcast are of mixed genres, sometimes on life, sometimes on career, sometimes on the intrinsic truth about life and so on. The Image Ally through the podcasts intends to provide you content that will encourage you to think, review to realise the blocks […]