Today’s modern man wants to dress stylishly by following the latest fashion trends in both daily life and special occasions. The money they spend on this issue is not less than women.

Summer is here and it’s time to renew the wardrobes.  So, what are the trends of men’s fashion in summer 2020? Which colours will be the most used? And what about the last trends accessories? Even though social life took a break due to the corona epidemic at the beginning of the year, the fashion world continues to work and create new fashion trends.Contrary to what it was before, maybe some more permanent and recyclable clothes will be produced in the future.

Apart from this, a fashion trend that offers a great variety and combines the past with the new is waiting for us. Let’s see what trend colours and trend gowns await us in the new season of 2020?

Trend Colours In Summer 2020
Colours of Summer 2020 India

Are you wondering which colours are trendy this summer? The most fashionable colours that men will wear in the rest of 2020 are:

In these trendy colours, shirts and tunics, and even trousers, will be among our favourites. While black is still one of the beloved classic colours, navy blue will be one of the colours used in summer suits. Generally, single colours will be on the clothes and we will complement them with some more cheerful and patterned accessories.

How to wear summer colours and what is to avoid?

Especially summer suits in navy blue colours are very fashionable this year.Gray is one of the favourite colours, both as a suit and as pants and shirt colour.Green and turquoise colours are among the colours to be used with shirts and t-shirts.

What NOT to do in vibrant summer colours?

All your clothes should not be in the same colour. You can wear a shirt or t-shirt in different colours or patterns with single-coloured trousers. Similarly, if your trousers are patterned, combine them with a single coloured garment.

2020 Trend – Designs and Clothes

Men are fortunate in fashion than women. They will be able to catch elegance with more comfortable clothes in 2020 summer and autumn seasons. You can choose comfortable thin fabric trousers in daily life and invitations. White colour always remains a favourite colour in summer. In addition, bohemian and casual pants are among the trends.

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Classic leather jackets and biker style leather jackets will be worn for cool days. Of course, you can choose imitation leather to protect animals.Men were also on the street style trend that took the fashion world by women. Street style clothes can be preferred at any time of the year.

The most popular pants selection of Indian men for 2020 will be denim. Denim maintains its position in stores and fashion lovers’ wardrobes with the forms that fit the latest trends and different cuts. Apart from trousers, patched denim jackets will also be very fashionable. The only difference between denim trousers that will be worn in the summer is that they are made of lighter and suitable for summer temperatures.

Traditional textiles will also be used for trend fashion items since sustainability is also a rule of nature protection today. Blazer jackets and suits will make men look trendy and handsome on summer evenings and business meetings in 2020.

Moreover, we will see not only dark suits but also colourful suits in the latest trends. Thin-cut, stylish and sophisticated cuts will decorate fashion showcases. You can also combine suits with shirtless only t-neck t-shirts. We will hardly see the classic suit tie shirt trio. One of the patterns we will frequently see in 2020 summer fashion will be batik t-shirts. The batik pattern, which was very fashionable in the past, returns to the stages. Vibrant colours batik t-shirts can be used by men of all ages as part of casual clothing.T-shirts will be an integral part of the summer months. The most popular are knitted shirts.


Bell-bottomed trousers, which were worn lovingly in the 70,s, entered the world of fashion again. This trend, which also affects men’s fashion, will continue in 2020. This 70’s silhouette becomes a spotlight after ten years of skinny diversity decisions. When wearing this type of trousers, make sure that your shirt is not overly abundant.

Another surprise of this year will be Bandhis, which quickly turns into the fashion world. Bandhis will be one of the fashion trends to be talked about a lot this year.

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Party?? Let’s style up!!
What to wear for party evenings in summer 2020?

If you are going to attend a work-related party or cocktail, or a wedding, you can wear dark or metallic grey suits.

As for shoes, you can wear semi-formal shoes that match the colour of your outfit. It would be best to attend such invitations with formal attire.

You do not need to dress very formal at the parties you will attend among friends. For example, you can wear fabric pants but leave the jacket aside. If you are at in your own house party or at a friend’s house, you do not need any formalities. You can wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in such an evening. You can even choose denims. You can combine this with a comfortable and flowy summer shirt or a trendy t-shirt.

Since the invitations are different from daily life, it requires planning in advance. Determining what to wear, what accessories to use, or even your hairstyle for a while prevents you from having panic at the last minute.


The accessories of 2020 will not be overprinted. Elegant, printed ties can be preferred easily. Safas and bandhis can also be used to colour your outfit. Crazy and colourful sneakers can be worn under every outfit this year. We will even combine fabric pants with trendy sneakers.

How can we forget about glasses among summer accessories? In addition to being of good quality and protecting your eyes from the sun, elegantly cut glasses are also very fashionable.

Review of what to expect in 2020:

We will see clothes that are compatible with traditional culture and new trends. The new men’s fashion will be a combination of the two.Also, elegant prints will make clothes stylish and elegant. But most of all casual and street style will be the trend king in men’s fashion this summer. Kurtas will return, especially transparent ones. We recommend combining the kurta with a salwar, pathani or velvet dhoti.

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