Employed – 8 things that will improve your career.

8 tips to fortify your career growth in uncertain times….. Life likes to make us sweat with challenges, but don’t sweat it, take them on with grace! Navigate through them like a pro, and move on to the next like the boss you are. Don’t chicken out by passing them on to someone else or […]

Gear up for Behavioral Interviews with these 6 tips

Interview techniques are numerous. Organizations use various styles of interview to assess and acquire talent. Techniques could be phone interview, technical assessments, psychometric assessments, Case studies and more. While Technical interviews, Case Study Presentations, Logic based evaluations are easily passed with flying colors by most professionals irrespective of experience. However, many professionals with considerable work […]

Dealing with a job loss

Job loss can be devastating and depressing to say the least. I too had my fair share of  it in the past, coping with the thoughts that just weren’t easy to decipher then.  I do well relate to what some of you are currently going through during the job loss phase. While you network, seek […]

Being Unstuck @ Career Growth

Do you feel stagnant in your career, your current role. Signs could be not being able to wake up to a new work day, or could be that you seem uninterested or disengaged to whats happening at your work / team/ company, or feeling of lost or numbness when you do your work. These are just some of the signs, there are many more that one can think of.
I have penned few thoughts around my questions regarding this “stuck” feeling at work and then some points on being unstuck.
Read, like, comment. Also share it with your network as well for some points to think about….

Job Search & Mind games

A friend lost her job. She was very anxious and called me. I had a very long conversation with her, just to realise that this is not the story of one individual, I am sure many of them searching for jobs in current market are going through the same. The supply demand balance seems to […]

Resume Writing – 5 tips for a pro resume.

When was the last time you got your profile reviewed?How many calls are you getting with your profile out there? How impressive and effective is your resume? Fret not, if your answers to the above questions is a “not enough”or blank .  Don’t be discouraged. May be it’s time for you to review your resume. […]

Video Interview – 9 Prep-up tips

Congratulations! You have bagged a video interview for yourself. So how are you preparing for this opportunity to show case yourself? Need tips?? Remember interview is the only chance to demonstrate your worth, capability and also get to know your future colleague if things progress positively. It is the only chance to establish you and […]