Being Unstuck @ Career Growth

Do you feel stagnant in your career, your current role. Signs could be not being able to wake up to a new work day, or could be that you seem uninterested or disengaged to whats happening at your work / team/ company, or feeling of lost or numbness when you do your work. These are just some of the signs, there are many more that one can think of.
I have penned few thoughts around my questions regarding this “stuck” feeling at work and then some points on being unstuck.
Read, like, comment. Also share it with your network as well for some points to think about….

Job Search & Mind games

A friend lost her job. She was very anxious and called me. I had a very long conversation with her, just to realise that this is not the story of one individual, I am sure many of them searching for jobs in current market are going through the same. The supply demand balance seems to […]